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Post  martin2020 on Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:33 pm

Hi Folks

I have a beautiful 5ft Early Girl which has been in the greenhouse since late March /Early april.I have now brought it inside for a 12/12 cycle for flowering, using a large cupboard in the loft. ( I did this Monday). I have done this as i live in the north of England and would like to use the last 2 weeks of july - september to mature the flowers back in the greenhouse. In the past I have left it into the autumn months and have had bud rot and had to prune way too early.

I am more than happy with the size and it looks fantastic

Now my question: Is this a good idea to do ??

Do i need to keep the 12/12 going for a month or so ( i have read that once it starts to bud a return to longer light hours may resume veg growth) and then into the greenhouse as the summer starts to lose its light hours?. Or should i transfer back into the greenhouse now and let nature take it's course?

I am slightly paranoid about the rot setting in again and i only have 1 plant due to the usual neighbours and space syndrome.

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