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Post  martin2020 on Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:00 pm


Just a question, I've been trying to rank a keyword for a couple weeks. My techniques? Created about 5 web 2.0 properties, 4 blogs, 5 separate article submissions. I've been using UAW to spin articles to 2.0, blogs, and directories. I've been doing this all for one special keyword.

So far I've submitted about 20 articles to UAW, however google has still not ranked my page for the keyword. I mean I'm not ranked at all for the keyword, however it is related to my site. And yes, my site has been submitted and indexed in google and yahoo. All three search engines haven't picked it up. It's only been like two weeks, but one would think with the massive amount of backlinks that I would at least rank on the 100th page or something.

I'm wondering what the problem could possibly be? Any guesses? All I know is I'm about to give up... I work full-time and this is just taking up too much of my time for no results.

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