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Transfer speed? Empty Transfer speed?

Post  ricky2020 on Mon May 09, 2011 12:05 am

I setup a new server with fz to transfer large files (800mb to 1gb) to other client computers. The other computers are on different ISPs, several of the networks are on fiber. I am on Comcast. None of the clinets are able to download at a speed higher than 260K (even if just one is logged in).
I have checked my connection speed on multuple network tests (cnet, speedeasy, comcast, speakeasy, speedtest) and it always comes back at over 8megs dl and over 1.5megs up.
I have cheked the DL speed on the client work stations and its always over 5megs DL.
The computer is running an i5 processor, 16gb ram, and multiple SSD's. I can copy the files across my network at over 10 megs per second.
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