Editing my site with filezilla

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Editing my site with filezilla Empty Editing my site with filezilla

Post  ricky2020 on Mon May 09, 2011 3:02 am

Hello my site is called Spain Bids and I had a phpauction script uploaded and i have filezilla. Now i want to change the logo to my own logo and edit text etc. Was it better to edit the script BEFORE uploading it to the server. I´m using 000webhost as a free host and the site is http://www.spainbids dot co dot cc - Also when you type in the address it doesnt send you to the main page but a file that says auctions SO i had to do a change of domain with bit.ly so its bit.ly/spainbids, all VERY chaotic as you can see!! Can anyone help please? thanks
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