Equipment deck bags clothing etc.

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Equipment deck bags clothing etc. Empty Equipment deck bags clothing etc.

Post  martin2020 on Wed May 25, 2011 2:41 am

I have had three of these bags. I needed a larger style deck bag to accommodate a dSLR and smaller items. These seemed to be the ticket, but did not last one season.

I generally paddle in the neighborhood of 200-400 miles per season in Southeast Alaska. The conditions are wet and camping out can get a little rudimentary, so the equipment does see more use than it would for an average day paddler.

I had the following problems:

1. The first bag. After less than a season of use, the bungie cord setup on the top of the bag popped loose. The welding on one the vinyl/rubber loops failed. No easy way to fix this problem.

2. The second bag. Did not last through the very first use. The welding for one of the deck mounting straps popped off before I had it mounted to the deck rigging.

3. The third bag. The zipper failed after one season and trying to lube it with zipper lube does nothing. It hangs and is difficult at best to use. After it started sticking, it failed altogether.

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