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Poole harbour lake November 2009 Empty Poole harbour lake November 2009

Post  martin2020 on Sat May 28, 2011 6:34 am

Floundering in the bay

I took the Goose to the Flounder meet at the weekend and launched into the sea proper(?) well it was a different boat it loved the swell and chop although not anything to worry about but in a new boat one does not know what to expect but the goose took it all in it's stride and it moved with speed and grace through the chop and it was not long before I got to the fishing grounds I borrowed an anchore off of Kev and anchored up, the Goose anchors well and with the skeg down was very stable. my dislike of being at anchor got the better off me and off I went in search of a pot boy on the way I put the Goose through its paces edging going alongside other kayaks paddling backwards and turning all done with ease at 17' and with a wind and tide the turning was not that easy but turn we did, all this is second nature to experienced kayakers bearing in mind this is a new boat and my first time in the sea proper with the Goose.

I decided to call it a day and paddled back to the launch site well what an experience I was paddling with wind over tide and at times I was surfing wow! the chop was quite high and the Goose just ploughed through it with the boat being so low in the water I thought I would have more water over the deck than I actually did. I got to the shore in no time at all I think it must of been a mile to a mile and a half paddle and I enjoyed every minute of it. and I was as warm as toast no cold feet or legs.

Catch: 2 very small Bass and a Crab.

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