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Picking your colour scheme Empty Picking your colour scheme

Post  martin2020 on Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:17 am

Picking your colour scheme
When it comes to designing a website, theirs is one aspect that needs a lot of consideration and surprisingly it will have a large effect on the sites success; this is the websites colour scheme. Theirs a lot that needs to be considered when coming up with it & it will largely depend on your audience.

If your target audience is Teenage Boys, you don’t want your site to be bring pink. This may seem sexist but regardless it’s still fairly common that boys don’t like pink and they will tend to be picked on or wound up by their friends, and this puts the user in a position, do they want to use the site that gets them picked on or opt for one that has no repercussions. Unfortunately, the website is unlikely to win for the masses.
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