What Ad Type is right for you?

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What Ad Type is right for you? Empty What Ad Type is right for you?

Post  martin2020 on Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:18 am

What Ad Type is right for you?
This article is going to cover various types of ads, not all of them but the 3 main types currently used on the internet. It will help aid you in making the decision as to which will produce you the most revenue. These don’t need to be used individually and can be combined; it all depends on your website as to what method is most profitable, these are just guidelines.
First I would like to cover Adsense, they offer a few different styles and some customization; so you can make it fit your colour scheme; its ran by one of if not the most successful internet company in the world so you know you’ll get paid. However, these types of ad’s take up space on your site; this space could be used for more content of your own. The big decision is how much space do you have spare. If your site is built up of allot of pages but all of them containing very little content then Adsense will be a good option for you. It’ll utilize the empty space and produce some revenue.
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