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Post  KFF on Tue Nov 11, 2008 8:02 am

I have managed to fit an anchor trolley to the above boat; I did it without drilling any holes all that is needed is:

36 Feet, 4 mm low stretch rope. (you will need twice the lenght of your boat plus a foot to tie knots etc)
2 x 20 cm, 5 mm elastic ropewith toggle
2 x Seasure 25 mm roller block.(Or flag pole pulleys from B&Q)
1 x Carabineer.
Most of the above can be purchased at B&Q

About 15 mins work and your done.

For the anchor:

1 x 0.75 kg Folding Anchor.
1 metre, Galvanised Chain.
2 x Galvanised Shackle.
1 x 10 cm Cable Tie.
1 x SMB Divers Reel (80m with shackle)


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