Do other schools still have paddling?

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Do other schools still have paddling? Empty Do other schools still have paddling?

Post  ricky2020 on Fri Feb 18, 2011 11:09 pm

The only kind of schools I know of that do those things especially the paddling is some religion type of schools, some associated with nuns, and school that aren't in the United States of America such as in the Caribbean and around the globe.I'm not sure about some states here,just back in the day though.Honestly, over here in America with the paddling or striking a kid is considered violence towards a child including if they're a minor.I wish they would allow in some schools though and when I was back in school for the bad students that don't know how to act,start physical fights, bullying,mostly by ghetto kids,etc.At least we would have a more concentrated and safer school environment without that around because there are too many innocent students getting violated by those kind of students and way too much good teachers who can't tolerate them or get fired.
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