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Post  martin2020 on Sun Mar 13, 2011 11:57 am

For starters I'm a noob. I am setting up my ht and had a few questions about av receivers. My living room is 16' by 13' and my tv is up against a long wall with the couch on the opposing wall. I will be connecting a PS3 and a 41" samsung LCD tv to my receiver...maybe a camera or laptop at some point as well. I have also just purchased the polk audio rm510 5.1 speaker system and awaiting it's arrival. My question is what receiver should I mate up with the polks. My candidates at this point are the onkyo sr608, onkyo rc260, HK 2600, or the yamaha rx-v667. I have been doing a lot of research in the last two weeks and it seems people like the combo of polk and HK...would this apply to the rm510 system or is that in reference to the polk towers? I am a product designer and really prefer the HK over the others for looks...but there is a lot of positive feedback on the onkyos and yamahas as well. My usage breakdown is about 60% tv/movies, 30% music, and 10% gaming. I'm more interested in sound quality vs features. Any recommendations or feedback would help me out a lot. Thanks
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