Help, Bugs ate my plants

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Help, Bugs ate my plants Empty Help, Bugs ate my plants

Post  martin2020 on Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:32 pm

Hey, I only just signed up to this forum so hi to everyone, i live in spain and did a indoorgrowing through the winter, my indoor room was outside in a room attatched to the house, plants were looking very beautifull and strong up to when it started raining for a week to 2 weeks just after flowering and plants were coverd in bugs, and when i say coverd, i literally mean coverd it was unbelievable they spreaded by the millions, white flys, spider mites, and other kind of bugs that eat your plants, so angry about my hole crop going to waiste i cut them down anyways when they were finised the flowering stage, all bugs are dead now but they are all still sticking to the buds.

My question is, will it still be ok to smoke although all the bugs are stuck to it i dont want to get some kind of disease of smoking bugs you know...

and any advice for my next crop for preventing such bug activity would be nice thanks.

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